Teaching IB Spanish B

Teaching IB Spanish B


This course provides the tools, strategies and instructional materials to equip you for teaching this subject and preparing your native speaking or advanced students to pass the IB Exam.  The topics covered include the following:

1. El medio ambiente: naturaleza y ecología
2. Ficción hispana
3. Jóvenes de hoy
4. Salud y bienestar
5. De viaje por Latinoamérica
6. Medios de comunicación
7. Panorama cultural
8. Sociedad

9. Viajes
10. Educación
11. Personajes
12. Ocio
13. De viaje por España
14. Inmigración
15. El mundo del trabajo y la tecnología
16. El espa ñ ol en el mundo

Each of the 16 units focuses on a different aspect of life in the Spanish speaking world. They provide a wide range of topics: arts, politics, social structure, current issues etc.  At the same time each unit focus on a different grammatical structure, to review it and use it in context providing students with tools to communicate effectively in Spanish.  The exercises throughout the material have been designed to develop all language skills. The texts are followed by a sequence of reading tasks to facilitate their comprehension and expand vocabulary. The materials are also designed to stimulate different kinds of oral activities (pair dialogs, group discussions, individual presentations etc.) and written tasks (letters, posters, articles etc.).

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