Expert Systems for Teachers

Subject-Specific Professional Development for K-12 Teachers

How to Use This Website

  1. Review any course(s) in which you wish to enroll through the course pages
  2. Register to enroll: Once you decide in which course(s) you wish to enroll, you will need to register with your name, email address and a password of your choosing before the system will recognize any choices.

The Expert Systems for Teachers® Series is a unique series of over 100 professional development courses offered through participating universities designed to provide a subject-specific support to a teacher with a new assignment serving schools in all 50 U.S. states and 87 countries and supported by the Teaching and Learning Foundation.

Why take these courses?

100% of teachers have a new assignment at some point, whether you are new to teaching or an experienced teacher. Why not take a course that matches your daily teaching responsibilities? This is a practical, economic and convenient, “just-in-time” solution to prepare for a new assignment.  Further, each course is designed to save the teacher hundreds of hours of prep time, providing complete instructional and mentoring support for a new assignment as opposed to adding to their time commitment.

What You Will Learn

  • The scope and sequence of the specific subject
  • The content and pedagogy to successfully deliver the material to your students
  • How to engage your students in the subject on a daily basis

How You Will Benefit and What You Will Receive

Complete, sequential, day-to-day map through the teaching of the course in your classroom with editable instructional support materials and mentoring teacher access (If your district requires a certain sequence, the materials provided can be rearranged to suit. Additionally, this “how to teach this subject” course is designed for use with any textbook you have been assigned).  Included is everything a teacher with a new assignment would typically need to prepare themselves for the whole school year: Teacher manual with instructional support material that includes syllabus, pacing guide, detailed daily lesson plans, class notes (editable PowerPoint presentations for lecture support), complete student activity book or lab manual, editable assessments and keys, subject-specific mentoring teacher access.

What subjects are available for all states, provinces and countries?

There are 100 subject-specific courses offered within 17 subject areas. Click the “courses” link above to view courses and descriptions:

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Who Should Enroll

  • All teachers with a new subject assignment
  • All Teachers of a subject interested in ways to improve their understanding of or delivery of the subject
  • Any teacher who has been (most likely unavoidably) assigned to teach the subject out-of-field

Course Goals

  • Develop: To help the teacher provide an excellent learning environment for their students.
  • Improve: The courses are designed to better prepare teachers leading to improved student improvement, AYP, graduation rates, college and workforce readiness.
  • Acquire: Assist you in attaining the designation of highly-qualified in this subject
  • Result: Multiple research studies have concluded that a better prepared teacher leads to improved student achievement and can be the single most important element for student success.

After registering, you will receive an email within 1-2 business days regarding your online access and course materials from Please add this email address to your safe sender list.

Funding Options

Course tuition and materials for these professional development (PD) courses may be funded or reimbursed through various grants or scholarships in your locale. In the U.S., for instance, Federal ESSA (formerly NCLB) Title 2a (Improving Teacher Quality State Grants, 100% PD), Title 5 (Innovative Programs), Title 1 (up to 10% for PD), state and local PD budgets of private foundation grants.  Also, Title 3 covers PD for ESOL courses.