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How to use this site

  1. Review any course(s) in which you wish to enroll through the course pages linked below, then
  2. Register to enroll: Once you decide in which course(s) you wish to enroll, you will need to register with your name, email address and a password of your choosing before the system will recognize any choices.

The Expert Systems for Teachers® Series is a unique series of over 100 professional development courses offered through participating universities designed to provide a subject-specific support to a teacher with a new assignment.

Course List and Descriptions

There are 100 courses offered within the 17 subject areas posted below. They are asynchronous, independent study courses that can be joined at any time, require no in-person time (except in the case where you choose to take a subject-area exam for certification), specific online meetings or assignments other than taking an online pre-test and post-test.  Mentoring teacher access is available for all courses.  Each of the subject-specific courses will offer two Enrollment Options, A and B, as described below. Note: Tuition listed before choosing a subject-area exam are the Option B prices. Option A tuition will only be calculated when, and if, a subject-area exam with study guide is chosen.  When you choose a course in which to enroll, you will be asked to choose a university by way of a pull down menu. Click the subject-areas below to view course list and descriptions:

Endorsement Series

The three Endorsement Series posted below are designed to meet Florida certification requirements, but may be acceptable in other states or countries (check with your district if taking for certification). These courses of study (ESOL, Gifted and Reading) are offered during specific dates, unlike the asynchronous open enrollment courses in subject-areas listed above.  If these courses are not offered by your school district, you may want to enroll here.  The Endorsement Series courses combine independent study with some required online class meetings and assignments to be submitted online. They are only offered once each school year (dates are listed on the course pages). Click on the links below for details:

Enrollment Options for subject-specific courses:

Option A (including subject-area certification) and

Option B (when no certification is required)

Please read the information for each option carefully before enrolling.

The instructional and mentoring support is invaluable in itself to any teacher with a new assignment or those looking for additional resources or assistance.  Beyond that, however, check with your state or district certification requirements to confirm that continuing education units or in-service professional development hours awarded through successful completion of these courses will be allowed toward teacher license renewal.  That said, there are two enrollment options as described below:

  • Enrollment Option A: Enroll in Option A if you are not highly-qualified in the subject-area relating to your course choice as it includes both 1) the online course to prepare you to be highly-effective in a new subject assignment and 2) the appropriate subject-area exam that upon passing offers the designation of highly-qualified.  Whatever state or locale in which you are teaching, there is an approved certification exam to be highly-qualified by subject-area and that test and test prep material (where available) is included in your Option A registration.  Note that in some states or locales in addition to certification in a new subject-area, credit points or hours are awarded toward license renewal.  Further, for each course enrolled, passing the online subject-specific online post-test with a 70% or better score awards half the CEU’s or in-service hours required toward teacher license renewal (check with your district to confirm their acceptance of this credit as an additional benefit).
  • Enrollment Option B: Enroll in this option if you are highly-qualified in the subject-area but are new to teaching the specific subject.  This option prepares you to be highly-effective in the subject and offers hours toward license renewal (equivalent of 3 non-academic semester credits after passing the end-of-course test). Passing the online subject-specific post-test with a 70% or better score awards the equivalent of 3 non-academic CEU each course or half the in-service hours toward teacher license renewal for each course enrolled (check with your district to confirm their acceptance of this credit as an additional benefit).  The total enrollment fee for this Option B is less than Option A as the fees for the state subject-area certification test and prep materials are removed.

After registering, you will receive an email within 1-2 business days regarding your online access and course materials Please add this email address to your safe sender list.

Funding Options

Course tuition and materials for these professional development (PD) courses may be funded or reimbursed through various grants or scholarships in your locale. In the U.S., for instance, Federal ESSA (formerly NCLB) Title 2a (Improving Teacher Quality State Grants, 100% PD), Title 5 (Innovative Programs), Title 1 (up to 10% for PD), state and local PD budgets of private foundation grants.  Also, Title 3 covers PD for ESOL courses.